Our counselors are highly trained and dedicated professionals trained in specialty areas of mental health such as Licensed Professional Counselors, Board Certified Christian Counselors, and as other mental health professionals.

Compassionate counseling, a caring environment, and a comprehensive facility make all the difference.

We specialize in helping with addictions, co-dependency, eating disorders, child abuse, stress, anger management

guilt, family and parenting issues and other mental health disorders.

We have strived to make

our offices as comfortable

as possible. This is to

make your experience as pleasant as well as relaxing.

When you are comfortable,

it's easier to be open and

talk on a deeper level.


our caring environment

​​our counselors/therapists


For more than 20 years, Champion Christian Counseling Center has provided a comprehensive, inter-denominational  mental health facility offering Christian Counseling to children, teens, families, and adults in a caring and compassionate environment.

Everything we do is all about YOU!

Caring.   Helping.   Faithful.   Healing.

mental health issues

Our counselors and therapists are highly trained mental health professionals ready to guide you and your family through the often

confusing and intimidating world of counseling.

Whatever your problems or needs, we can help you find a solution! For more information or schedule and appointment, call 281-357-4111

Main Location:

Champions Christian Counseling

333 S. Cherry Street

Tomball, TX 77375

Counseling: 281-357-4111

Addiction, Prevention, and Recovery Center: 281-357-0074