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Champion Christian Community Counseling of Tomball

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There are many types of addictions. Some that we think of like illegal drugs, alcohol, and gambling because we

hear about them all of the time. There are other addictions though that we rarely hear of like food addictions,

prescription drug addictions, and sexual addictions. At Champion Christian Community of Tomball, we can help you to

identify and deal with many different types of addictions, even if you aren't sure if what you are dealing with

is considered an addiction or not.

Screening Questions for Alcohol Abuse
- Have you had a period when your drinking—or being sick from drinking—often interfered with taking care of your home or family?
- Have you had a period when your drinking—or being sick from drinking—caused job troubles?
- Have you had a period when your drinking—or being sick from drinking—caused school problems?
- Have you more than once driven a car or other vehicle while you were drinking? Or after having had too much to drink?
- Have you gotten into situations while drinking or after drinking that increased your chances of getting hurt—like swimming, using heavy machinery, or walking in a dangerous area or around heavy traffic?
- Have you gotten arrested, been held at a police station, or had any other legal problems, because of your drinking?
- Have you continued to drink even though you knew it was causing you trouble with your family and friends?
- Have you gotten into physical fights while drinking or right after drinking?
- Have you found that you have to drink much more than you once did to get the effect you want? Or that your usual number of drinks has much less effect on you than it once did?
- When the effects of alcohol are wearing off, have you had trouble sleeping? Found yourself shaking? Nervous? Nauseous? Restless? Sweating? Heart beating fast? Have you sensed things that aren't really there? Had seizures?
- Have you taken a drink or used any drug or medicine (other than over-the-counter pain relievers) to keep from having bad aftereffects of drinking? Or to get over them?

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St. John's Lutheran Church

1613 Key Street 

​Waller, TX 77484

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