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Youth today have many struggles. Gone are the days where their biggest concern was what to wear on a date or

what car to drive. Now they are faced with drug and alcohol use and abuse, school violence, early sexual

encounters, bullying, teen pregnancy and other negative cultural pressures. Adolescents today feel that they

have nowhere to go when they struggle with issues. Peer pressure is greater than ever and the pressure to pull

away from their parents and the values they were raised with and be adults can prevent them from seeking

parental help. Teen suicide and death rates are up, which affects every adolescent in the school. The counselors

at Champions Christian Counseling Center have worked with children and teens for many years. They understand

their struggles and can help them to make positive choices and learn to cope while teaching them ways to handle their emotions in a positive, uplifting way.

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Children need love and a "model" more than a critic.

adolescents and teens

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