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Andrea is a health and fitness advocate and runs marathons in her leisure. Her hobbies include running and dog training.

Andrea M. Mitchell, BS, M.Ed.

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Andrea M. Mitchell, BS, M.Ed.

Andrea is a board certified Licensed Professional Counselor and has worked in the counseling field for six years.

Andrea Mitchell received her Masters Degree in Counseling in 2008 from Texas Southern University.

Her career began in both domestic violence shelters as well as foster care services which has become Andrea's specialty; young children and adolescents. Andrea has devoted her career to working with women, adolescents and children.

In addition Andrea has crisis intervention background; Andrea works with inpatient individuals at a local psychiatric hospital. Depression and BiPolar have been areas that Andrea is experienced in as well as Grief, Anxiety, Psychosis, Anger Management and ADHD among other Pervasive Development Disorders.

Andrea is married with two young children and three dogs. Andrea uses therapy dogs at times to help build bonds with hard to reach children or adolescents. This has been a fascinating intervention for those who enjoy the unconditional love from an animal. 


Adoption Issues
Anger Management
Anxiety disorder
Bipolar disorder
Borderline Personality Disorder
Conduct/disruptive disorder
Domestic violence
Medical Issues/illness
Obsessive compulsive D/O
Panic disorder
Sexual Abuse / incest