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Welcome to your new beginning. You have taken the first step towards your recovery. Congratulations! Now let me introduce myself. My name is Christina Bates. I am the Chemical Dependence Counselor here at Champion Christian Community Counseling. I am very familiar with all addictions and chemical dependency. I have a College Degree in Chemical Dependence Treatment and Therapy. 

It is my desire as a counselor to help those who have these issues and break the cycle of Addiction . You will have a meaningful and successful life without drugs, alcohol, or addictive behavior. 

Working with clients and their families who struggle with the disease of Addiction is very fulfilling for me. My goal is to get each client on their own personal road to recovery. I am eager to work with children, teens, and adults, as the disease does not discriminate. I always use careful listening skills to help me understand my clients on a more personal level. This is a judgment-free zone when you’re speaking with me. My goal is to make you feel valued and understood by the time the session is over. This is YOUR TIME! I am genuine and truly concerned about the people that have been entrusted into my care and will go to great lengths to ensure they receive the best possible care for their specific needs. Please don't hesitate to reach out today, it will change your life!