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Paula Whitaker

Counseling Specialties

- Marriage and Couples’ Counseling
- Divorce Prevention and Recovery
- Children’s Play Therapy
- Parenting and Family Counseling
- Children and Divorce, Blended Families
- ADD/ADHD Evaluation and Counseling
- Adolescent Issues Counseling
- Sexual Abuse of Children
- Adult Counseling for Childhood Issues
- Anger and Behavior Issues
- Oppositional Defiant Behavior
- Autism Disorders
- Improving Communication Skills
- Grief and Loss
- Loss of a Child
- OCD- Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
- Eating Disorders
- Anxiety and Depression Evaluations and    

- Co-Dependency Issues
- Bi-Polar Disorder Evaluation and

- Anger Management

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Paula Whitaker BA, M.Ed, MAPaula Whitaker, M.ED., M.A.,PCC, BCCC,  has a strong background in working with children, adolescents, couples, families, and mental health issues.  Marriage with excellent communication skills and knowledge of the Love Languages are Keys to a successful marriage.   She also has many years experience in working with Children and Adolescents with educational issues, school adjustment, learning disabilities, lack of focus, ADD/ADHD, organization skills and improving success in school is also a specialty of Ms. Whitaker. Ms. Paula has had 40 years experience of working with couples, children, and families with all kinds of life’s issues.  Her Christian counseling style is ‘client centered,’ Behavior Modification, and Solution Focused.  Her goal is to help her patients find the answers and solutions to their issues and to help them achieve a successful and satisfying life.  She always looks for a “win-win” solution to difficulties to give everyone satisfaction and a feeling of success in the relationship.

Paula Whitaker is very involved in community Charities with the goal of helping others.  She serves on the board of the Tomball Pregnancy Center, 10 year member of the Tomball Rotary,  Lone Star College Foundation, Legacy Circle, sponsor of Ryan Paul Whitaker Memorial Nursing Scholarship Endowment, (providing 2 nursing scholarships for students each year who want to help others).  She served on the Tomball Regional Art Council, for 12 years as a member and past Chairman of the Board.  She has been a member of the Tomball Chamber of Commerce for a total of 23 years.   Ms. Whitaker, and her husband, served on Salem Lutheran Foreign Missions Team to Kenya, South Africa for two years and is an endowment supporter and a yearly donor to send Missionaries to Kenya on Mission trips in memory of her late son, Ryan Whitaker.   Paula has been major donor of  TOMAGWA Health-Care Ministries and the Tomball location is named after her late son, Ryan Paul Whitaker Memorial Medical Center.  She has a genuine love for people and is always busy helping others when ever she is called upon.

Grief and Loss and losing a child or family member in death is also a specialty. She knows first hand the feelings, stages, and issues one goes through when losing a child or family member because she has experience the loss of her only child.  Surviving the loss of a child takes special knowledge in helping parents, siblings and families work through this most painful issue of life.
As a way of turning grief and loss into something positive in memory of her son she set up the Ryan Paul Whitaker Memorial Foundation, to bring honor and glory to God and to help people which was her son’s goal in life.  In an effort to Leave a Legacy for her son Ryan, she set up an Educational Trust Fund to send children to Christian School.  The former Chancellor, Dr. Carpenter, of Lone Star College, awarded and dedicated the Nursing Labs in memory of her son in the new Health Science Building as the Ryan Paul Whitaker Nursing Laboratories.  Ryan wanted to go back to college to become a nurse when he died from a medical malpractice. She has many more great things to do to bring honor to God and in memory of her son Ryan.

If you or any one in your family has any of the issues listed below, don’t wait, call today and let Ms. Whitaker help you find a solution to your or your families’ issues. Give yourself and/or your family a better life and a brighter future.  All things are possible with Faithful Caring, Providing Hope and Solutions to the Challenges of Life!  “Everything I do is all about you. If you would like to know a little more about Paula Whitaker, M.ED., M.A., see her web page, PaulaWhitaker.com.  Her web page gives a more in-depth picture of her values, goals, counseling philosophy and counseling style and goals for her life.